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Membership and method of Functioning

Tree projects or programmes are organised or implimented with the combined efforts and funds of the members. An individual who is interested in the policies and programmes of TREE may feel free to join as an associate member by paying a membership fee Rs.1000 ($20).

As membership increases it is expected to serve better in quality and quantity. At the same time its credits will also be shared by each member. In other words a member could expect the return of that basic share as the value or asset TREE could create in the social set up and environment. A member is entitled to contribute at least one day’s manual labour in a TREE’s project annually. Members have the previlage of sponsoring or contributing to particular project or programme. Besides the voluntary services of TREE members 10 to 15 paid staff are employed on a regular basis.

Annual Meeting:
An Annual meeting of all members will be held in TREE’S head quarters- chanthyam Pulinchode jn. Pandappilly, Muvattupuzha- in every December.