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About Us

About Tree

The Location

TREE takes its origin in Pandapilly, a countryside in Arakuzha village of Muvattupuzha Taluk in Ernakulam(Kochi) district of Kerala state, the southern most tip of India.
Keralam (old Malabar) is a beautiful strip of green land situates on the shores of Arabian sea. Western Ghats (Sahyadri) mountains the region of world’s rarest rainforests and unique eco-systems form its Eastern boundary. The landscape is a beautiful mix of mountains, valleys, plain paddy lands, lakes, backwaters,sea shores etc. with outstanding eco-systems. Kerala’s natural beauty and natural (forest-sea) resourses had attracted travellers and traders from different parts of the World to this small piece of land since time immemorial. The National Geographic channel lists her as one of the ’10 paradises of Earth’ that one must visit in the life. Kerala tourism department qualify her as ‘God’s own Country’.
Pandappilly is in Muvattupuzha (the name denotes three rivers join to flow as one) Taluk, a countryside of Arakuzha village. Thodupuzha river,a tributary of Muvattupuzha river orginates from the Western ghats passes through this Village. Left bank canal of Muvattupuzha valley irrigation project (MVIP) flows through Pandappilly and waters the village. She is a beautiful courty side village lying among the foot hills of ‘Sahyadri’.

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Origin of TREE

A short history

TREE is the continuation of a movement formed in 2002 December. It came in to shape as a unity of the villagers(an extented neighbour hood co- operation), a chain of joined hands for some social causes.Many hectars of muck dumped land acquired for canal and its tunnel construction had been let as waste lands after the construction of canal (the canal is not fully commissioned yet) for more than a decade at that time.Those areas were converted into thickets and many antisocial elements like sex rackets, thieves etc. found their camps there. The canal and canal surroundings where turned to be waste dumping yards. The villagers were forced to unite to drive away this dark forces. They united with the support and initiative of Pandappilly National Library (est. 1947) volunteers and an independent citizens arts, sports and cultural team was organized and registered in the name ‘Nattuvettam – Gramasakyam.’(Direct translation of ‘Nattuvettam ‘ is country light. But it is an idiom for the little light left after the dusk for some time and also a shadow of sunlight just before the dawn. ‘Gramasakyam’ is neighbour hood unity of villagers for some common aims).


Why TREE???

10 years have gone after the planting of the 1st tree for the people’s medicinal tree garden....
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Membership and method of Functioning

Tree projects or programmes are organised or implimented with the combined efforts and funds of the members.... Read more..

The IIIrd Eye

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