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10th Anniversary Projects

People’s star botanic garden

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Peoples Medicinal Tree garden by giving form to a ‘People’s star botanic garden’ on MVIP muck dumped yard. The location is Chanthyam Pulinchode Jn. on the banks of MVIP left bank canal’s Aroor tunnel inlet nearby TREE’s head office.

Star botanic garden is a group of country’s 27 basic Ayurvedic trees; most of them are in the threat of extinction. They are specially based on 27 astrological stars. Each one of us has a star and its tree, animal, deity etc. according to Indian astrology. It is believed that caring of one’s tree, animal etc. Will bring the person good fortune, good health and glory. In olden times it was popular to plant, care and nourish one’s own tree in house premises, temple premises and in public places. We could agree or disagree with those beliefs. But they suggest a more nature friendly mode of living and recommend to trust in the wonderful curing power of Ayurvedic plants and herbs as well as the healing power of Nature. A star Ayurvedic tree is connected to its star in such a way that its various parts are special for the common ailments of the persons having that star. Those trees and plants are also having outstanding qualities like highly oxygen generating, high water storage capacity under its roots, high air purifying qualities etc.

The Nalpamara trees (A group of Ficus trees) of star trees generate oxygen even in night time. Anyway that culture prevailed in olden days inspired people to plant such valuable trees in the premises of houses, in public places and care and respect them.TREE’S star botanic garden is set by developing 2 acres of the muck dumped yard in to a good landscape suitable for the garden. 27 star trees were placed according to its consecutive order. But 4 ficus trees (Nalpamara) which are comparatively great, placed in the centre, is an exception to this order.

The planting was inaugurated by Muvattupuzha MLA Sri. Joseph Vazhakkan. He planted ‘Kanjiram’ as his star ‘Aswathi’s’ tree. It is also the first star in astrology. Ex.MLA’s Mr. Babu Paul, Mr. Johny Nelloor, and Mr. M.J. Jacob were also planted their own star trees after. Representatives of various organizations and local people planted trees jointly for their own stars.

At last one tree was left to plant. That was the star ‘Pooradam’s’ ‘Aattuvanchi’. Quite accidentally a one year old boy of the near by house Master Eldho Deepu was standing there and his star was the same. He made the finishing planting for the star garden, a quite auspicious moment of the planting ceremony. Bottle palms were planted through the borders like guards of the garden. A nature music team ‘whispering fire flies’ from Fort Kochi made the background music with flute and sang nature songs while the planting happened.

We have no doubt that the star garden would grow into an outstanding oxygen island, water storage promise and rural environmental asset in future