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  • Project nameChildren’s Botanic Garden
10th Anniversary Projects

Children’s Botanic Garden

A children’s botanic garden was also inaugurated the same day. It is an annex to the star garden in the banks of the Canal. PWD road passes through the other three sides of this garden. Trees of the medicinal tree garden are growing on that road side. Now the roads are almost covered with the cool green shades of those trees.

Miss. Thamara, a girl from Israel inaugurated the children’s garden by planting an Israel fig tree. A group of ten basic Ayurvedic plants “Dasamoola” is the highlight of this garden. Dasamoola consist of 5 medicinal trees and 5 herbs. There is also a “Thriphala” corner including another group of three important trees in Ayurveda. Fruit trees will grow in borders.